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Why I don’t like GMock

I don’t like GMock.

It’s not as if it was badly written or designed. But it lets you to unit-test dirtier code, tying to method call structure instead of resulting data.

For instance, this GMock code can be rewritten:

loggingService.sendNotification(match{ !it.shouldNotify() }).stub()
loggingService.sendNotification(match {
it.shouldNotify() && it instanceof HubOfflineNotification && it.deadEntities == [hub]
loggingService.saveEvent(LogEventType.HUB_BECAME_OFFLINE, match { it }, customer)
loggingService.saveEvent(LogEventType.CAMERA_DIED, match { it }, customer).never()

play {


assertEquals 1, LogEvent.countByEventType(LogEventType.AGENT_BECAME_OFFLINE)
assertEquals 0, LogEvent.countByEventType(LogEventType.METER_BECAME_DEAD)
assertEquals 1, LogEvent.countByEventType(LogEventType.SENDING_NOTIFICATION)

which relies only to call outcome, and not to implementation details.

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