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The dead end of Russian software engineer?

Ex-USSR has got a great school of engineers. Russia is the 3rd software outsourcing country (market) in the world.
Russian (let’s use the name, though I’m Ukrainian, for instance) engineers are very educated and think out of the box.

We got OOP gurus, Java buddhas, UI Picassos, Haskell Lamas, agile addicts and tech team management professionals. Even some good business analysts.

This leads them nowhere. Most of them don’t have a decent area to apply their superior skills.

Most of them stay employed in software outsourcing, the best paid engineering area… with no perspective.

The whole essence of software outsourcing means you got CxOs (including CTO) onshore, and software team offshore. They don’t hire anyone higher than a team leader there, period.

If you got the experience to move into management area, still — people here rarely start their own companies — because of fear, procrastination, lack of business knowledge/education/infrastructure or connections, family that needs that daytime job, or because of the USSR anti-commercial culture that is still strong in engineering estate. I’m probably describing myself now.

So we got a lot of people who grew ready for CTO/VPE positions – very limited in a ways to found a company, find funding, or create an own product.

Apparently, the next step should be to go find an investor or a founder… I personally have no idea where to look. But I’m going to try.

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