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“Project Dependencies” of Visual Studio 2008 broken in MSBuild


Just dealt with another Visual Studio 2008 “feature”. You can specify all the necessary “Project Dependencies” in Visual Studio, but will get “CSC : error CS0006: Metadata file FooBar.dll could not be found“. Even if your csproj files have correct references to other solution projects, msbuild will fail. Maybe it appears only if project output […]

MSBuild don’ts


MSBuild tips: some things you shouldn’t do, and what to do instead.

Bootstrapper also can’t install your application after rebooting…


Another problem with MSBuild bootstrappers that can screw all your installation… If scheduling reboot after installing .NET or other prerequisites, bootstrapper copies itself to run from TEMP on boot. Why not staying where it is – who knows. And definitely, all the other MSIs are not copied, so it won’t find them. Reproduced for me. […]

Can’t run .NET bootstrapper from an MSI


Now I know it. It’s Windows Installer error 1618 that I didn’t see somewhy when attempting to fix .NET bootstrapper. Either I was inattentive or it wasn’t there: “Another copy of msiexec is running”. You can’t have two Windows Installers running, at least if one of them installs .NET. Information is from this maillist post. […]

MSBuild bootstrapper for .NET 3.0 broken?


After Microsoft didn’t include .NET 3.5 in any current release of Windows (read “Vista service pack 1”), some of us developers who believed in long-ago C# 3.0 ads, had to roll back to .NET 3.0 and C# 2.0. Including me. Not mentioning pain of rolling back all LINQ tasties in code and debugging our replacements […]

NAnt vs MSBuild funnies


All the software is equally bad… Well, I know some pieces of software that are good, but I won’t mention them today. One of our msbuild vs nant choice criteria isĀ  a product versioning support. Sad or funny things are: both don’t include sane tool out of box; both need installing NAntContrib or MSBuild Community […]

Choosing MSBuild/TeamBuild vs NAnt


We’re choosing a build tool for VS 2008 project. I’m not expert in any, only had put together a couple of NAnt scripts. So I give no objective technical information in this post, just impressions. First discussion of this choice, back in 2005, is almost strictly in favor of NAnt. Though, read it to know […]