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Unit tests quickstart


A friend asked me for it, so probably someone might need a jumpstart in unit tests. Here’s a short list of short (though very deep, if not best) intros. Except for JUnit cookbook (~2 pages) (which has a lot of “ports”, like CppUnit cookbook), I’d name: “Endo-Testing: Unit Testing with Mock Objects” at (Tim […]

On unit tests in Visual Studio 2008 vs NUnit


Comparison of Microsoft Visual Studio unit tests (MSTest) vs NUnit, mentioning PartCover and

Please meet: Lua


Lua language brief description, and the best Lua book in CHM.

Why would Wait-Pulse-PulseAll need monitor lock


Till now, I did understand but didn’t remember the very situation, as I wasn’t the one creating thread pools and alike: all the core things were already there. It’s a blessing to work for start-up. You can think about Monitor.Wait(toRetrieve); // will throw SynchronizationLockException Now, after a look into docs, I see that one needs […]

Multithreading in WPF: getting started


Couple of things to know when starting a new thread in WPF application

When do you start coding?


I prefer first to identify program classes, then to think some time about its design, the longer the better. Then, to prove my internal API idea, I make up code pieces by “wishful thinking”: how I wish the code to look, for it to be the most brief and to express core system objects and […]

Questions on .NET I don’t expect answers to


Why FindAll() is not in IList? IDictionary or at least Dictionary? Are you pushing me to code for implementation? Why WeakReference, but no WeakDictionary (get a nice one from Nick Guerrera)? WeakList? More? Why ReadonlyCollection<T>, but no ReadonlyDictionary<K, V>? (I can live with this one) Why Array.Length, but anyCollection.Count (thank Nick Guerrera again)? …more to […]

gdi bug in System.Drawing.Drawing2D?


Am I the only one who ran into .NET (or GDI?) bug with Pen (or Matrix) .ScaleTransform()? When I scale a pen to certain width, and it has an anchor, anchor draws at inverse scale. I might be missing something, but here’s my test. Pen scales proportionally to form width, for simplicity. Here’s how it […]

Closures in mainstream languages


C# has closures, you know? A sample of how to use one.

Coding convention Geek-code


Discussing Java vs C# coding conventions, I got an idea: Geek code for a coding conventions. Like: —–BEGIN GEEK CODE-CODE BLOCK—– GP:java,c,cpp,haskell Off:2S P:N Name:Camel Flex:2 ——END GEEK CODE-CODE BLOCK—— which means: GP:java,c,cpp,haskell – geek of programming languages (listed); Off:2S – prefer 2-space offsets; P:N – place parentheses on new line (opposed to S – […]