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NAnt vs MSBuild funnies


All the software is equally bad… Well, I know some pieces of software that are good, but I won’t mention them today. One of our msbuild vs nant choice criteria is  a product versioning support. Sad or funny things are: both don’t include sane tool out of box; both need installing NAntContrib or MSBuild Community […]

Auto-update with WiX


Update: for a ready solution (library), see official release announcement 🙂 Windows Installer on itself is a pain. WiX saves you from it, mostly wrapping the complexity into XML constructs understandable to non-gurus. Well, not completely – you still have to know: why the heck shortcut didn’t appear in start menu; how to create a […]

Choosing MSBuild/TeamBuild vs NAnt


We’re choosing a build tool for VS 2008 project. I’m not expert in any, only had put together a couple of NAnt scripts. So I give no objective technical information in this post, just impressions. First discussion of this choice, back in 2005, is almost strictly in favor of NAnt. Though, read it to know […]

Why would Wait-Pulse-PulseAll need monitor lock


Till now, I did understand but didn’t remember the very situation, as I wasn’t the one creating thread pools and alike: all the core things were already there. It’s a blessing to work for start-up. You can think about Monitor.Wait(toRetrieve); // will throw SynchronizationLockException Now, after a look into docs, I see that one needs […]