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Questions on .NET I don’t expect answers to


Why FindAll() is not in IList? IDictionary or at least Dictionary? Are you pushing me to code for implementation? Why WeakReference, but no WeakDictionary (get a nice one from Nick Guerrera)? WeakList? More? Why ReadonlyCollection<T>, but no ReadonlyDictionary<K, V>? (I can live with this one) Why Array.Length, but anyCollection.Count (thank Nick Guerrera again)? …more to […]

gdi bug in System.Drawing.Drawing2D?


Am I the only one who ran into .NET (or GDI?) bug with Pen (or Matrix) .ScaleTransform()? When I scale a pen to certain width, and it has an anchor, anchor draws at inverse scale. I might be missing something, but here’s my test. Pen scales proportionally to form width, for simplicity. Here’s how it […]

Explicit interface implementation visibility in C#


Closures in mainstream languages


C# has closures, you know? A sample of how to use one.