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Hibernate join bug

Hibernate bug 1895 seems to be still there since 2006.
If, for instance, in Grails, such a syntax won’t work for you (it won’t):

def books = Book.findAll("FROM Book AS b JOIN Chapter AS c WHERE = :isActive")

with a NullPointerException in “HqlSqlWalker.createFromJoinElement” — just use alternative join syntax, via WHERE:

def books = Book.executeQuery("select b FROM Book AS b, Chapter AS c WHERE = :isActive")

Move “WITH” conditions to “WHERE” as needed.

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  1. fenuk wrote:

    hello, you helped me with some questions about Grails on you.And a want ask you: we can speak more about Grails?

    P.S. Sorry, that I write message here, but i not find more better place on site 🙂

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